Thursday, 3 February 2011

Shameless Self-Promotion

I'll admit that I'm not a fan of pimping myself, but to make it in this industry it's something I have to get used to doing. And right now, pimping myself is exactly what I need to do.

I'm not going to lie; I'm looking at some hard times here. I'm about to lose my job and though I'm searching for freelance work, it's not something I can rely on, at least not yet. My savings won't save me, and there's only so long I can keep the student loans folks away. And so, I come asking for help.

However! I'm not looking to get something for nothing. Life doesn't work that way and I don't expect it to. Now in my former life I wasn't a writer, but an artist! Well, I still am an artist though my focus has shifted. So, in return for your kind help, I'll draw you a picture of anything you want. Seriously. Anything. Ink on Bristol plate, 9"x12" (or 12"x9" if you prefer)... that's starting to sound pretty nice, isn't it? Of course it is! And we're talking full colour illustrations here, HD even.

I also have seven gorgeous pairs of earrings for sale. Each pair is unique, hand-crafted from sterling silver and coloured glass beads. Look at them and tell me you don't want some for yourself. Or if not for yourself, than for that stylish someone you know who will really love them.

Do you see something else on the site that you absolutely must have? Shoot me an e-mail and we'll talk: .

Please, check it out. Treat yourself to something shiny and tell all your friends where you got it, and you'll make me a very happy man.


  1. work on creating some novel covers - both pod types and e-books, lots of writers need covers! What kind of camera do you use?

  2. Thanks for the advice! Doing covers would be a good way for me to make something of my art.

    As for my camera... I have an old digital point-and-shoot that I would love to upgrade from. My more artistic photography is being done on my phone camera using the Vignette app for Android. I love the results, but I know the resolution would be bad for printing.