Saturday, 12 March 2011

Queer Boy is Moving House

Well, moving to a new site, at any rate.

Those of you following me here exclusively may have noticed that I haven't been all that active lately. I've been a little distracted by setting up a new site, something more professional with everything under one roof. A place not only for my blog, but for my writing and my art, a place where I can sell my work rather than simply talking about it. I give you:

I'll still leave this blog up, letting it float in cyberspace for those curious few who will stumble upon it. But I'll also start reposting my old posts from the archives here to my new blog. The plan is to shift one over every Monday, and to include some follow-up commentary where my opinions have changed over time.

Look for me at my new site. I promise it will be at least as entertaining as this one!